We offer various courses related to generic search technologies, Semantics as well as Amtera Products.

We offer various courses on different aspects of semantic technologies: - Web 3.0 paradigm: The Web of the Future
- Geospatial Semantics
- Building Ontology based systems
- Ontology Engineering
- Semantics applied to Business
- Developing Information Retrieval Systems
- Developing Enterprise Intelligent Systems
- Natural Language Systems
- Bringing Flexibility to your Applications
- Training on Amtera products: Esprit, Trivium and Omni

Amtera has a number of possible approaches to meeting your requirements including:

- Providing “off-the-shelf” courses
- Developing customized course materials
- Providing comprehensive training programs including courses and instructors
- Developing specialized e-learning programs
- Providing course development expertise to your internal training department
Training on Amtera specific products is also available.

Please contact us for more details, specifics as well as for Course Catalog.