Semantic Technologies are emerging as an important paradigm in the solution of corporate demands of flexibility and intelligence.

Nowadays, the transformation of information into business knowledge represents an essential strategic advantage, and the use of Semantic Technologies can provide a major improvement in the way people interact with information.

Amtera provides consulting services in Semantic Technologies, applying the power of Semantics to your specific business demands. If your organization is knowledge intensive, Semantic Technologies could bring solid improvements in the way users generate business knowledge from information.

Semantic Technologies have a large spectrum of applications. Some organizations have information demands that mirror the specificity of their activities. Amtera creates customized solutions based on Ontologies, Natural Language Processing Techniques and Information Retrieval.

Our main service areas include:

- Design and Development of Semantic Systems;
- Customization of Amtera products: Our products can be customized to specific information demands
- Consulting in Semantics applied to Business Intelligence
- Installation of Semantic Infrastructure Software
- Consulting in Information Retrieval and Search Engines

Please contact us to know what semantic technologies could do for your business.